Tennis Strings

Give me Five!

Tennis strings are the heart and soul of any racket. They have a major influence (over 70%) on ball acceleration, control, arm protection and spin. Each player needs a string that supports his or her style of play and preferences. A racket can only ever be as good as its stringing. 

To make it easier for players to select the right string, Polyfibre has restructured its product range: There are five different characteristics assigned to the strings and each string has its own characteristic mix of these properties. This makes it much easier to compare individual strings and to select the right string(s). 

Most strings are available in several different gauges, providing even more support for elasticity and durability. We also give a recommended stringing tension for each string, based on a midsize racket with a traditional monofilament tennis string.

POWER strings

Power strings give the player enhanced ball acceleration. The string absorbs the ball’s power and then, after impact, it transfers over 90% of that energy back to the ball.

SPIN strings

Spin strings cause the ball to rotate upon impact, setting it off on a curved trajectory. The ball receives added spin in addition to the rotation caused by the movement of the racket.

CONTROL strings

Control strings give the player greater stroke precision and ball control. Control strings are ideal for players with high strength levels.

COMFORT strings

Comfort strings are easy on the player’s arm. Each stroke generates an impact shock that is transferred straight to the player’s body. The more this energy is absorbed by the string, the lower the stress on the playing arm.


Durable strings retain their elasticity longer and are slower to wear out. Ideal for players who get through a lot of strings.