Innovation and Quality

Tennis strings „Made in Germany“

Polyfibre constantly researches new materials for tennis strings to improve playing characteristics. The opinion of the player are important for the development: comprehensive practice tests and material improvements make the string step for step marketability.

High-tech Polyfibre tennis strings are made from copolymers, ethylene and olefins. They differ from conventional strings through their remarkable elasticity, touch, control and resilience.

From the laboratory to practice

The development of a marketable string is a complex process that takes approximately two to four years. The objective of the game features is the basis to investigate suitable materials. In laboratory tests the strings will be tested to the acid. Tests for tensile strength at break, tensile strengh at break of nodal, of the loops, of shrinkage, of the dynamic elasticity, durability as well as high and low temperature tests. Does the string not meet the strict criteria, the composition of the recipe will be rectified and reviewed during new laboratory tests.


Market analysis

Market observation of developments and trends around the world, evaluation of market data.



Materials research, development of formulas to produce specific playing characteristics.


Laboratory tests

Microscopic analysis and quality tests. If the string fails to meet the quality criteria the formula is adjusted and new tests carried out.


Field tests

Selected professional tennis players test the product in practical trials. Their feedback is used in the further refinement of the tennis strings.


Ready for market

The string goes into series production, planning and execution of marketing and branding, market launch.

TCS: Innovation for professional and tournament players

The development of TCS is a groundbreaking innovation in the stringing technology. The TCS-string consists of a innovativ modified polyethylene with a special surface, that resembles an orange skin. This provides hugely enhanced spin potential and the ball has a much longer dwell time on the string bed, making it easier to control strokes and play more precise angles. The touch can be felt immediately.

The TCS under the microscope

In-depth laboratory testing and microscopic analysis are the basis of each new Polyfibre development. The image shows the TCS surface (left) and cross-section (right).

Excellent playability through Olefins

Olefin-strings improve the characteristics of a conventional polyester string. The molecular structure could be changed by Polyfibre´s new fiber fusion Technician (FFS), so the product is not longer in common with a basic polyester string. Through a new manufacturing process it was possible to incorporate carbon for the first time in the history of Polyester research. Because of that, the stringing tension isn´t magniacal decreasing: Risilience and playing characteristics will remain the same over month. This string has no clear cut like traditional strings, but cracks like a multifilament fiber manner. The durability is increased with equal intensitiy up to 50%. Due to that the player will receive a better handling and higher ball speed.

Olefin polymer strings: