Polyfibre – from research into practice

Polyfibre developed itself out of a research project of the company "Höchst", which sought for new materials for the tennis string market back in 1993. The target was the development of new strings, which were supposed to be more comfortable in the handling as well as very arm-friendly. The tension should be constant over a long-periode and thought display good damping features and touch, without slippage of the strings.

After extensive tests at the labor of fibre-research in South Carolina, USA, the former Davis Cup Team put the string to the acid test. The research project and tests took two years until the first coPolymer-string came on the market in 1995. The development for this string was so successful, that the production was mass-produced and came as "Hightec" under the brand Polyfibre on the market.

1996 production and research have been completely relocated to Germany. The portfolio of Polyfibre expandedand improved continually: At this time Polyfibre offers over 30 different Strings with characteristics for each type of player, which are distributed worldwide in 30 countries. Polyfibre spread it out: Since 2006 Polyfibre supplies the distributor of PRO KENNEX. 2009 a general importer in Asia was obligated.

Friedhold Stahlheber expedited the research and development of Polyfibre since 1993. He lives and works with his family in Pohl near Koblenz.